COVID-19 Responses and Updates


Myers Creek Road from the Ranger Station to the end has been closed. The road is unpassable and not safe for public travel. The County will be working towards a repair that can make the road safe at least for ATV travel.


New Bridge to be installed across Chicken Creek, West Rosebud Road (#2072)

Red Lodge, MT, April 26, 2021 — West Rosebud Road, Beartooth Ranger District, Custer Gallatin National Forest (#2072) will be closed for approximately two-weeks, May 3-15, 2021 for a scheduled bridge replacement over Chicken Creek, located about 7.5 miles up the West Rosebud Road and about 0.5 miles before the trailhead parking area. The road will be closed at West Rosebud Lake with a turn-around provided.


After some recent inspections of the Johnson Lane Bridge, it has been decided that due to the existing condition of this bridge it is not in the public’s best interest from a safety standpoint to reopen this structure to any vehicle or pedestrian traffic until replacement of this structure is complete.  MDT, Stillwater County Commissioners, and Sletten Construction Company all agree that closure of this bridge is in the best interest to all responsible parties.  This bridge is under contract to be replaced this summer with construction beginning July 1st, 2021.  Therefore, the Johnson Lane Bridge will remain closed.  The North Stillwater Road will be opened back up as soon as the Box Culvert replacement is complete


Starting on April 7th, 2021 there will be a road closure at the intersection of Johnson Bridge Road and North Stillwater Road to install a new box culvert. Currently the Johnson Lane Bridge is closed until such time as it can be replaced. MDT plans to reopen the North Stillwater Road as soon as the installation of the Reinforced Box Culvert is complete. The project is anticipated to be finished the week of April 26, 2021. The North Stillwater Road will remain open during construction of the new bridge unless construction activities require it’s periodic closure. Access to the West side of this intersection will be from the Spring creek Road and access to the East of Johnson Bridge road will be from the intersection of N. Stillwater Road and MT Highway 78, by Jeffrey’s Landing.

This Box Culvert replacement is part of the Stillwater River-2 M NW Absarokee bridge replacement project.  This box culvert must be installed before the irrigation water gets turned on for the year.  The bridge replacement will not be started until July 1st, 2021.