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The New Fairgrounds has officially broken ground!

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Newly Designed Fairgrounds!

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Stillwater County is in the final stages of design for the new Fairgrounds / Civic Center building. This facility will be located north of Interstate 90, at 16 Sheep Dip Road. The new facility will host a 12,000 square-foot multi-purpose pavilion space as well as a 21,000 square-foot open-sided multi-user space. This new facility will proudly host the Stillwater County Fair as well as numerous civic events such as luncheons, banquets, markets, weddings, trade shows, and much more. Site construction is expected to begin in early fall with building erection slated for January of 2023. Programming of the new facility will begin in early 2023. The County has committed $6.8 million dollars of metal mines funds, cash, and borrow to complete the construction.  

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