Due to a system upgrade at the Motor Vehicle Division in Helena, we are not going to be able to conduct any motor vehicle transactions Friday the 20th and Monday the 23rd.  We are hoping the upgrade goes as planned and can be up and running on Tuesday the 24th.  Please note it may take longer than planned so we may not be able to do MV transactions even longer. This shutdown includes not only drivers licenses but we will not be able to renew license plates or do any title work until the new, updated system is operating correctly.  

   Online Payments Now Accepted for Current Taxes  

Fees for Credit Card usage is a percent of the transaction, Debit card fees are four dollars per transaction, E-check fees will be two dollars per transaction. Any past due taxes MUST be made in-person at the Treasurer's Office.   

Property Tax information is now available here on our web site. Go to our Featured Links, and then click on Online Tax Payments. Current year tax payments can now be made online also. All major credit and debit cards along with e-checks are accepted. Taxes that are past due or have assignments must still be dealt with in our office.

The office of the Treasurer receives and disburses all monies, as dictated by state law, and records these transactions. The Treasurer, an elected official, reports to the Montana State Department of Revenue on administrative matters while the County Commissioners have budgetary authority. 

The office is divided into two groups. One deals with motor vehicle matters, including registrations, title transfers and applications, and the issuance of temporary stickers and permits. The other serves as the general office for activities including receipts from taxes, fees and intergovernmental transfers. It also processes disbursements, invests funds, maintains bank accounts, seizes tax delinquent property, handles tax protests, and issues moving permits for mobile homes. 


Staff Members

Jerry Friend
Term Expires:
December 31, 2022
Norma Brewer
Deputy Treasurer
Brenda Bare
Chris Grover