Environmental Health

  NEW Septic System Permitting Fees as of October 16, 2018   
(Please Click on the "Featured Link" Septic System Permitting Fees for details)

Environmental Health activities include chemical hazards, disease investigation, drinking water, food safety, physical hazards, public accommodations, trailer courts, public swimming pools, onsite sewage disposal, solid waste disposal, vector control, and floodplain.

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Question:  How do I get a Septic Permit?
Answer:  Click on the Featured Link in the right-hand column called "Septic Permit Applications."  Complete the application and return to our office with the required fee of $150.00.  Click HERE to view the septic permitting process

Question:  Does this home have a septic system permit and where is the system located?
Answer:  You need to contact our office to obtain that information.  Septic permits are generally filled by the original owners name of the house/lot that installed the septic.  If there has been more than one owner of the house/lot, please have that information ready when you call our office.

Question:  How do I get a license to serve food, public accommodation, etc?
Answer:  Visit our Featured Links in the right-hand column to access this information.  If you still can't find what you are looking for, please contact our office.