Stillwater County Government

Stillwater County Courthouse

Stillwater County Government provides the foundation of services for our communities.  The County Government provides safe, healthy, and financially stable places for the individuals, families, businesses, and organizations that call them home.  The County Government provides consistent public services for day to day needs as well as providing refuge in the midst of community disasters. 

The Government is a County Commissioner Government.  County Commissioners are elected to six year terms, on a rotating basis; with one commissioner position elected every two years.

The Commissioners are responsible for the County’s administrative, executive and legislative powers as outlined in the Montana State Constitution and state statutes. This includes appointment of department heads and members of supervisory boards and committees.

Each individual department within the County specializes in a specific area of service.  The staff members and elected officials are here to serve and assist County residents with public services from public health and safety to administering voting, collecting taxes and transferring property.