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Environmental Health’s mission is to minimize food and water hazards through routine inspections and permitting of wholesale and retail food service establishments, cottage food operations, temporary food services, public accommodations, trailer courts and campgrounds, swimming pools and spas, schools, daycares, and community homes, tattooing and body piercing establishments, and onsite wastewater systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How do I get a Septic Permit?

Answer:  CLICK HERE to view the septic permitting process. (PDF)

Question:  Does this home have a septic system permit and where is the system located?

Answer:  Please contact this office.  Septic permits are generally filed by the original owner’s name of the house/lot that installed the septic.  If there has been more than one owner of the house/lot, please have that information ready when you call our office.


CLICK HERE to view the NEW Septic System Permitting Fees as of October 16, 2018 

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