About the Department

Disaster and Emergency Service’s mission is to provide guidance to field operations personnel and overall command and control during large-scale emergencies and county-wide disasters.  Cooperation and unified command are carried out between the field Incident Commander and the staff in the Emergency Operations Center.  Overall responsibility for disaster operations is vested in the Board of Commissioners.

We strive to keep you up to date with current issues that may affect the citizens of Stillwater County and how to assist you and your family prepare.  The Office of DES specializes in disaster, preparedness, mitigation, response, recovery, and prevention.

Stillwater County Emergency Operations

Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) or Emergency Management as it is sometimes referred, is a collective effort to help prevent, and minimize the seriousness of emergencies and disasters.  This office is dedicated to providing leadership and high-quality services that improve the safety of the public and Stillwater County.  This office works hard to establish the partnership of the public safety agencies of Stillwater County including fire, police, public works, EMS, volunteers, and more.  These public safety agencies coordinate before, during, and after an incident.  Coordination is a key factor in establishing an effective program, and continual improvement saves lives and reduces losses from disasters!

CLICK HERE to visit the Stillwater Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF)

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Box 970
400 East 3rd Avenue North
Columbus, MT 59019

The DES office is located on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse in the southwest corner.
(406) 322-8007


David Stamey Emergency Service Specialist

Phone: 406-322-8060