About the Board

Meets quarterly at the Columbus Fire Hall at 11:30 am, starting in January.

The purpose of the Stillwater County Fire Council shall be:

  • To promote cooperation and understanding between different emergency service providers;
  • To provide the most effective and affordable fire suppression possible;
  • To work toward resolving fire and emergency service related problems;
  • To make recommendations to the County Commissioners for appointment of a County Fire Warden and any assistant wardens;
  • To identify joint equipment and training needed by its members;
  • To assist in the development of any needed fire or disaster management plans,
  • Coordinate training for all firefighters,
  • Assist the County Fire Warden to develop a county fire plan under the county co-op program and
  • To have represented from the FS, DNRC, BLM, or other agencies present at meetings.

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County Attorney Nancy Rohde


January 17, 2019